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How it works

SATS is about working through a process that develops opportunities to provide Growth, Productivity and Compliance for our customers. It is more than just a transactional approach to business but it is about creative thinking, bringing together Digital Communications, Internet of Things, Big Data and other tools and solutions under one provider,  STANLEY, to take advantage of the latest connected technologies.


This involves a  detailed in depth analysis and discovery meeting to determine the areas where STANLEY can provide potential SATS Solutions. The discussion covers all aspects of the business, not just security, to provide a detailed understanding of where the opportunities lie to create opportunities for Growth, Productivity and Compliance. We can then Formulate Solutions ready for presentation to our customers.

Proof of Concept

From the Solutions we can put together Prototypes that our customers can evaluate in their business in a real life situation. The Prototype is demonstrated to the customer and forms part of a business case presentation.


The Prototype may need refining before we go to testing this in the field. Working closely with our customers our aim is to demonstrate the value, so that  any costs show the value to our customers. At this stage we will finalize the specification of the solution and agree a pricing proposal.


We work with customers to provide a phased introduction for the solution. This may include training of the solution and we do not stop there and continue to review the solution and continue to develop this further so it adapts as our customers organisation grows.