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With some of the largest banks in the world as our customers and with over 30 years experience, STANLEY are fully understanding of the needs of this sector. The high risk nature of the business and the need to provide great levels of service but not at any cost is something we are well aware of and are regularly measured and reported upon.

With more and more people moving to online banking the landscape of the high street bank is changing.

Technology and call centres are replacing counter staff and this brings with it the challenges of monitoring remote sites and STANLEY still being the ears and eyes for bank security.

bank lobby

Today it is much more than just security and we are using video technology to capture behaviour which can include algorithyms that send alerts to our Advanced Technology Monitoring Centre. For example bags left unattended, repeat visits using body recognition systems showing suspicious behaviour, covert cameras and audio messages on ATM’s

Bank visitor tracking and people counters in branches and at ATM’s provide our customers with information on where and when to deploy staff and also where to site new services.

Out latest solutions also allow us to capture environmental information such as temperature monitoring that link directly in to building management systems.

With so many intelligent devices, STANLEY provide the glue that pulls them together for our customers