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Hospitals today have changed significantly in the last few years. As technology progresses and pressures to provide the highest standard of care within tight budgets STANLEY understand the need to keep costs down and ensure investments deliver, growth, productivity and compliance.

As our world becomes more connected there is also the risk of data or personal information being lost or stolen. Choosing the right partner with the credentials an experience to handle these complex solutions requires the skills and resources of a business like STANLEY.

We have supplied hospitals, nursing homes, residential care and secure hospitals for many years with a range of security and staff protection solutions.


With SATS we are able to take this to a whole new level.

With an ageing population that is putting more strain on the health services , many countries are developing assisted living programmes, where the Government provides funds to local councils to assist in keeping the elderly or infirm in their homes by creating intelligent homes to monitor critical day to day activities.Trials are underway developing these home that incorporate a number of sensors built in. Connecting the home to an alarm centre who can respond to situations 24/7/365.

eldery care

For example,heating, electricity, water, personal alarms, personal monitors for heart rate, blood pressure and temperature.Thsi sound like science fiction but it is happening today. At STANLEY we are at the forefront of this technology, working with partners to deliver these solutions that help to take the pressures off of the health service. This is the power of connectivity- delivering wellbeing and peace of mind.

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