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Advances in production processes and speed to market means that a manufacturing plant has changed dramatically in terms of layout and technology over recent years. With many machines already manufactured with Machine 2 Machine sensors and come with diagnostic reporting systems.

machine to machine

STANLEY is experienced in this sector supplying many blue chip businesses with integrated security solutions. Today we take this to the next step by connecting the unconnected. CCTV cameras can now do more than capture criminals. It can capture the quality of a product in an instant and reject or categorise products on a production line. It has successfully been used in the fresh food sector meeting the exacting demands of the retailers.

production line

Time and attendance systems linked to biometric solutions remove the need to carry access cards and can be used in the most demanding of environments where staff turnover is high.

Everything we do is targeted at improving productivity, increasing growth and ensuring compliance to standards. We demonstrate return on investment to our customers before they partner with us and work continuously to develop the technology and relationshipgpc