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IT Data Centres

This is an area where we have been very successful and continue to develop with our customers.The nature and importance of Data Centres has changed over the years and now they are very conscious of the need for a partner who has the skills in this specialist environment.

Very often these are in remote locations, sometimes in bunkers that were planned for the military. The importance of these installations cannot be underestimated. We are all reliant on them in our communications and day to day lives. They must be protected and need the knowledge of a company like STANLEY to handle the vast range of international standards that need to be complied with. Our products and solutions cross country boundaries but come back to central contacts so the customers know they can rely on us to be their main point supplier.

Also these vast data centres require minimum staffing levels but when anything goes wrong they need to know instantly so that disaster recovery plans can be implemented. Using sophisticated biometric, video and access management solutions we can track any unwelcome visitors or unauthorised usage of equipment. Lone worker systems are also employed to protect individuals working in remote locations.

lone worker

We supply some of the largest data centres in the world and they trust us to provide a secure and compliant solution for their business.