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The fast pace of retail and the opportunities for fraud are well documented. Big Data is already being used by many retailers to target customers based on Behavioural Analytics from a range of data capture devices.

Stanley have been supplying the retail sector for many years and include many of the blue chip companies amongst our client list.

We have partnered with two leading specialist companies:

Everseen are leaders in Checkout Fraud linking Video Analytics to checkouts to detect irregular activities, complementing point of sale exception reporting.

The system can detect top offenders, who use ‘no scans’ and ‘irregular voids and refunds’. This helps:

  • Reduce Shrinkage
  • Increase Productivity by improving fraud detection
  • Improving Inventory Accuracy and Availability

Sennco brochure link is a specialist in high quality display and security solutions. Tags and sensors are attached to goods not only to prevent theft but also to provide behavioural analytics that help the retailer:

  • Identify ‘hot’ products and locations
  • Improve tactile experience
  • Measure product dwell times
  • Improve store layout
  • Target staff training

The result of which is sales growth and reduced retail theft.

Please see our Sennco Case Study

Please see our Everseen Case Study