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Transport and Logistics

The Transport and Logistics sector is already taking advantage of many technologies to get orders to customers in the quickest time with least amount of damage. Our experience is that as we get more sophisticated and speed is the absolute priority other issues arise. For example, where parcels are leaving the depot they are getting damaged on the final stage of the journey. We have set up systems using our video analytics that show the status of parcels at different stages of the journey to show where the damage has occurred. This provides the customer the facts to prevent damage and so save costly redeliveries.


Our asset tracking solutions also allows the tracking of mobile assets in the warehouse so you know exactly wherever everything is. This solution can also provide condition monitoring of critical equipment such as freezers and coolers, providing alerts when equipment fails or is not working correctly.


We also understand that the 24/7 requirements of this sector, where operators are often working alone and in a risky environment with heavy loads, working at height. Our Aeroscout Man Down Tags can be used to alert our Advanced Technology Monitoring Centre who work 24/7/365 to summon assistance.