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STANLEY Intelligent Response Centres

This is where STANLEY solution is unique and it is the glue that binds all the other services together. Our global network of certified Intelligent Response Centres has the capacity to communicate cross borders and manage and control the systems providing a truly networked and intelligent solution.

The complex nature of connected technology applying Big Data and the Internet of Things is that the possibilities are endless but the time taken to apply this to a business takes away from the core activities. This is advantage for our customers.

Having where STANLEY has the unique a deep understanding of their business, the pain points, the growth opportunities and the compliance issues we can focus on the critical areas which will provide centralised trend reporting and alarm monitoring.

We can provide 24/7/365 monitoring of systems to raise alerts or produce regular reports based on what has been agreed. This provides the vital information only when and where required. We do all the analytics, the monitoring and reporting which frees up our customers to concentrate on the decision making.

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